Monday, December 18, 2006

Red Rocker Chopper!

Arlen, Cory and David

On December 9th, Vic and I had the honor of presenting a check from Sammy for $8,000.00 to First Candle at Arlen Ness' World Headquarters in Dublin, CA.
Arlen, the world's foremost motorcycle customizer, designed the Red Rocker Chopper for Sammy.

We stood with bated breath as the ticket was drawn for the RR what a rush!

The donations and money raised by the RR Chopper raffle will help finance research for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Stillbirth...hats off to Steve & Margaret Martin, and everyone else at First Candle!

 Earlier that day, we were treated to an awesome custom bike tour by Arlen's son and partner, Cory Ness.
Thank you Arlen, Cory and the rest of the Ness's really cool when a company as successful as Arlen Ness is run by such a warm and down to earth family....YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
Speaking of ROCK...thanks so much to the fans for coming down and supporting us in such a worthwhile cause...very nice to hang with y'all!

Have a great Holiday!



Blogger Jeanette said...

Hey David!
Thanks to you and Vic for showing up and being so kind to the fans too! So nice to see you!
Great cause and good fun!
Have fun in Cabo dude!

JA :-))) <---practicing my para-diddles...LOL!!!

P.S. - Nice picture! ;-)

6:24 PM  
Blogger David Lauser said...

Thank *you* Jeanette...yes, they had a great photographer that day! ;-)

Happy holidays,


8:58 AM  
Blogger lazarus said...

Hey David and Liza. You made my experience at Holmdel a great one when you came over before the show to look at the original 1972 Justice Brothers handbill I had. Great little story about the barstool/end table ! Be well and Happy New year, Laz

7:53 PM  
Blogger John said...

Hi David,

We had a great time meeting you and Vic at Arlen Ness. Was great to get to chat with you guys! Hope to meet you again sometime. We have our tickets for Tahoe Wabo, 5/6, and looking forward to rocking with you and the band!

John & Lori

7:33 PM  

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