Monday, October 16, 2006


I'm writing about the Wabothon a couple days later because it took me that much time to recover...HA! ;->
What more can I say except that this Birthday Bash was an amazing first for the band...Sam really came through....each of the 3 shows was unique and power packed...the fans were awesome as usual!!!
We started playing around 3:30PM and ended at ????

Hope to see some of you in LA!!!


David "Bro" Lauser
Yo Vinnie, thanks for the sitting were awesome dude!!!


Blogger WaboratzX2 said...

This was our first year to see the Birthday Bash...The THREE show Wabothon made this possible, and thanks sooooooo much!

We will see you in LA!!!

Bakersfield Loves the Wabos
Dan and Karen Luhmann

9:53 AM  

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