Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our Fans Rock!!!

The Poets & Pirates show in Nashville was great...our fans are the know who you are! ;->
Speaking of loud, we just finished two shows in Michigan and you guys were awesome...DAMN LOUD and crazy!!!

We had a blast...what a great summer so far!


David "Bro" Lauser


Blogger jasontheartist said...

My wife and I snuck over to Lansing to see you guys, and it was worth it!! You guys, as always, kicked ass!!! I haven't missed many tours (maybe 3 since 1997)but when I do miss one, I start jonesin'!
I was going to do a drawing for you guys each, but Renata said Sammy didn't want any artwork cuz it's hard to transport, and I figured the Wabos had the same problem. Correct me if I'm wrong!!
I have a blog now, too!!
Check it out!!
Keep poundin' them skins til they cry!!
Jason Nuttall

6:55 AM  
Blogger said...

Hey Bro, glad to hear you guys are having a great time out there! We won't get to see you on this tour, as you guys are here on the east coast when we're on the west! Keep rocking; we'll see you down the road.
Peace, Ray from NJ (cousin Vinnie)

9:23 AM  

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